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Web Summer Camp 2017

Region: Europe

Get your Early Bird ticket and spend the last days of summer immersed in hands-on workshops!

  1. UX

All engaging workshops on our UX track will be spread over the course of 3 days and dedicated to user experience and user research topics.

  1. eZ

The 6th edition of our eZ track will be dedicated mostly to the eZ Platform topics, with speakers being experienced eZ experts.

  1. PHP

This year's workshops on our PHP track will be spread over 3 days with topics on the newest developments in the field.

  1. JS

JS track @ Web Summer Camp is imagined as an opportunity for frontend web professionals interested in JavaScript to participate in hands-on workshops.

When: August 30, 2017 – September 2, 2017
Where: Rovinj, Croatia


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